White House summit focuses on indoor air quality to fight fall and winter COVID-19 attacks

White House summit focuses on indoor air quality to fight fall and winter COVID-19 attacks


 In addition to new , updated COVID - 19 vaccines and lifesaving treatments , improving indoor air quality within the buildings we use every day is an essential part of the Biden Administration’s plan to manage COVID - 19 this fall and winter . As people spend more time indoors this fall and winter , contagious viruses like COVID - 19 can spread more easily . The Administration has called on business and school leaders to take key steps to improve indoor air quality in their buildings as a key way to mitigate the spread of COVID - 19 .

Yesterday , the White House hosted a Summit on Improving Indoor Air Quality , bringing together public health and ventilation experts , private sector and education leaders , and other stakeholders to highlight the benefits of improved indoor air quality in mitigating the spread of COVID - 19 , showcase schools and businesses that are leading the way in making improvements , and underscore the importance of all building operators doing their part . Administration officials also highlighted some additional steps we are taking to advance indoor air quality in buildings across the nation:Encouraging businesses and organizations around the country in taking the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge: Earlier this year , the Administration launched the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge with a clear set of recommendations all building owners and operations can follow to improve indoor air quality .

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